Wilding Cran Gallery is pleased to present Full Circle, an exhibition uniting the abstract explorations of painter Chris Cran and sculptor Michael Wilding. An opening art party was held on May 6, 2023. Not to worry, if you missed it, the exhibition will remain on view through June 17, 2023. 

Artwork by Chris Cran and Michael Wilding

About the show
The show’s title references a return to the source – a loving nod to Cran and Wilding’s familial connection as the respective fathers of the gallery’s founders.

With a career of stylistic forays into pop art, portraiture, social realism, and various graphic arts, Chris Cran returns to abstraction to capture the essence of play inherent to his practice. Across his body of work, Cran emphasizes the importance of engaging the viewer to feel the impact of his paintings, rather than seek to analyze or define their meaning.

In a similar regard for explorative process, Michael Wilding’s smooth marble sculptures communicate the artist’s raw reverence for the ancient medium.

About Chris Cran
Chris Cran RCA (b. 1949, Ocean Falls, B.C.) is a visual artist living in Calgary, Alberta. He graduated in 1979 from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary.

About Michael Wilding 
Michael Wilding (b.1953, Los Angeles, CA) pursued a successful career as an actor and musician until he moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1991, where he set into motion his career as a stone sculptor, focusing mainly on abstracted form.

On view: May 6, 2023 – June 17, 2023

What: Full Circle, Chris Cran, Michael Wilding
Where: Wilding Cran Gallery, 1700 South Santa Fe Ave, Unit 460, LA, 90021
Website: https://wildingcran.com/