Artplex Gallery celebrates a group show titled Photosynthetic with an opening art party on May 13, 2023, from 4-6pm. This is the gallery’s first photography-centered exhibition.

Photosynthetic – Artplex Gallery Group Show

Photosynthetic investigates the confluence of conventional photography and the subversion of the image. The exhibition presents an array of works that problematize the paradigms of what constitutes photography to scrutinize the nexus between the subject, the artist, and the spectator. Through an assortment of techniques such as digital manipulation and collage, the artists in this exhibition transcend the limits of the medium and present novel perspectives on the image-polluted world around us. The spectator is invited to ponder the agency of photography in shaping our cognizance of the world and to question the veracity of the images presented.

Artplex Gallery group show

Ben Martin 

Martin was TIME Magazine’s first New York Bureau staff photographer covering wars, fashion, politics, arts, business, and sports for TIME, Life, Fortune, People, and Sports Illustrated for thirty-three years. He immortalized evocative images that defined the 1960’s such as Richard M. Nixon’s haggard 5 o’clock shadow, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s march to Montgomery, Alabama, and John F. Kennedy’s grieving widow and children. His exhibited silver gelatin photographic prints are portraits of artists in their studios.

Marco Pittori

Pittori is excited to be featured in a Artplex Gallery group show. He has always worked with photography and uses his own or the licensed photographs of others, such as renowned Los Angeles photographer Brad Elterman. Pittori collects and edits the images, adding additional points of interest throughout the photograph. The current series of Marco Pittori’s multi-layered photographs are based on Brad Elterman’s iconic images “Behind the Beverly Hills Hotel, 1977”. The motifs are carefully placed and layered until they reveal a whole new reality.

Steven Nederveen

The artist’s work focuses on the changeable relationship we have with nature. Loving and destroying in the same breath. The darkness of the human psyche underlies many of his overtly positive and uplifting nature scenes. Oceans and forests are idealized, radiating an inner light that burns. This heightened effect corresponds to our own yearning for more, wanting to be at one with nature, to control it, to be moved by it, to tame it.

Ruxandra Cristina Bocin-Dumitriu 

The artist was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1979 and was always fascinated by two, otherwise distinct, areas: art and technology. Studying both meant the artist got in very close contact with both hard programming (C++, Java, artificial intelligence) and pure graphic art studies. The unusual combination led to an ease of expression through technology as well as a special take on visual metaphors. Dumitriu’s elected themes investigate perception mechanisms, digital dimensions and technologies, media and broadcasting issues, surveillance society, and societal paradigm shifts generated by new technologies.

About Artplex Gallery

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On view: May 13 – June 9, 2023

What: Photosynthetic, Group show
Where: Artplex Gallery, 7377 Beverly Blvd, LA, 90036