If you missed this art talk…you can still watch (that is as of Nov 2022, when I last checked). Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery (727 S Spring St, LA, 90014) hosts an virtual art talk in response to the Covid-19 crisis. CLICK HERE to watch an online art talk with Donna Isham, and Shana Nys Dambrot (Arts Editor, LA Weekly). The event takes place in conjunction with Isham’s solo exhibit titled “SHE: UnBound,” which opened early March, 2020.

Featuring Fine Artist Donna Isham’s thought provoking female-centric figurative series along with her emotive abstract works that explore the power and beauty of the unrestrained woman.

Donna Isham’s figurative works are naked, raw and beautiful. She utilizes live models, photographs and a variety of materials from oil and acrylic to charcoal and pastels in order to create a more visceral impact.

“This entire series embraces a more fluid concept of female beauty and power,” Isham states, “we can no longer be bound to some unattainable idea of perfection. We must celebrate our diversity and our individuality. I want to depict the true beauty of those who will no longer be marginalized, who challenge the status quo. Fearless and flawed, these women are beautiful.”

Save the date: Thursday, March 12, 2020, the Downtown Art Walk GDCA participates from 6pm-10pm

What: Online Art Talk
Where: GDCA Gallery, 727 S Spring St, LA
Website: http://www.GDCAgallery.com