On December 2, 2023, an art talk will be held at LAUNCH Gallery at 4pm, in conjunction with its current exhibition The Chicano Moon Landing of 1968. The solo exhibition features new paintings by celebrated Mexican-American artist Abel Alejandre. 

Launch Gallery, Chicano Moon Landing of 1968

An opening art party was held on October 28, 2023. However, the exhibition will run through December 2, 2023.

In this new series, Abel delves into themes such as conventional masculinity, valor, patriarchy, the connection to one’s surroundings, and the capacity to gaze ahead with purpose and assurance. Born in Mexico and raised in Southern California, Abel draws upon his immigrant experience as he reflects on a bygone era and an uncharted timeline. Art making serves as a vehicle and medium for him, allowing exploration of his past while interpreting the dynamics of contemporary American society and his role within it.

Artwork by Abel Alejandre

This current series of paintings introduces us to Xicanoland. This majestic place and its alternative history honors real and imagined ancestors in a society that acknowledges past miss-steps while embracing hope for a better future. This personal story shares years of thought and introspection through his art practice and visual language told here.

On view: October 28, 2023 –  December 2, 2023

What: The Chicano Moon Landing of 1968, Abel Alejandre
Where: LAUNCH Gallery, 170 S. La Brea Ave. LA, 90036 
When: December 2, 2023; Art talk – 4:00pm;
Website: https://launchla.org

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