Thinkspace Projects presents two new exhibitions…“Soul Sanitizer’” by Jack Shure and “Cluster Fudge” by Reen Barrera.

Shure’s debut solo show with the gallery is coming on the heels of two very successful endeavors between Thinkspace and the Colorado artist. Having debuted his work during ‘Aloha, Mr. Hand,’ the gallery’s first show of 2021, and with work currently on display at ‘Decade of POW! WOW!” group exhibition at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii, this solo show continues the momentum and the partnership perfectly.

“Soul Sanitizer’” is a collection of work created to represent how Jack Shure views and digests the world around him. Made up of an amalgamation of styles and subjects, Shure creates an intentionally cryptic narrative of his own personal journey from childhood to parenthood. Using art as a tool for comprehension and processing, the act of creating work becomes his “soul sanitizer,” the vehicle for healing and introspection.

Following a recent museum show in the Philippines, Reen Barrera is bringing his work to Los Angeles with “Cluster Fudge.” Barrera has taken the idiom “it’s written all over your face” to heart and beyond, crafting his work around a central character he created early on in his career as an artist. Ohlala embodies Barrera’s thoughts, displaying them through a variety of colors painted on the being’s face. This serves as a mechanism to silently communicate, focusing on the unspoken rather than what is loud and clear.

On view: June 5 – 26, 2021; Masks are required

What: New exhibitions
Where: Thinkspace Projects, 4217 W. Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016