Moskowitz Bayse is pleased to presents two new exhibitions…”Moiré,” by Los Angeles-based artist Christopher Richmond and and “Compartmentalizing” by Brooklyn-based artist Eleanor Swordy. An opening art party was held on  January 7, 2023. Both exhibitions will run through February 4, 2023.

Artwork by Christopher Richmond

“Moiré” is an exhibition of drawings and photographs by Christopher Richmond. Moiré is the artist’s fourth solo presentation at the gallery. Addressing existential, discursive, and practical questions through proliferating detail, oblique portraiture, and measured absurdity, Christopher Richmond uses his studio as both tool and subject. In the drawings and photographs in Moiré, the viewer enters that head-turned-physical space, among the swirling mass of Richmond’s practice: future, past, and present.

The skeletal plot of a video, for instance, becomes the subject of the artist’s meticulous drawing titled “Outline I.” That work then forms the nucleus of another drawing charting the project’s progress, Outline II, which features a rolled-up tube of green screen paper in its lower right corner. Furnishing the wooded backdrop in Apollo, the green screen is interrupted, and ultimately unconvincing, as it’s captured mid-trick. The artist’s studio mate’s fern appears to the humanoid bat’s left, and again in the monumentally scaled drawing “Outline III,” along with a tray of crystals hot glued to LED lights, a hanging cotton space suit, and a conspicuous pair of Rainbow sandals.

“Compartmentalizing” is an exhibition of new works by Brooklyn-based artist Eleanor Swordy. The occasion marks the artist’s fourth solo presentation at the gallery, and will be installed in the gallery’s Viewing Room.

In “Compartmentalizing,” the seven drawings and one painting on view offer explorations of sensorially heightened moments mined from observation and ordinary routine. Here, the artist continues to hone the formal and technical potential of her respective mediums; her method of scratching into successively applied layers of material, for instance, has evolved from a textural element to one that mutably defines opacity, form, and volume across works. Meaning emerges slowly through collective experience, humor, and earnest references to art history.

On view: January 7 – February 4, 2023

What: New Exhibitions, Christopher Richmond, Eleanor Swordy
Where: Moskowitz Bayse, 743 N. La Brea Avenue, LA,  90038