In Culver City, Honor Fraser presents Loading …, the premier solo exhibition of Los Angeles native Matt DiGiacomo. The exhibition runs from October 8, 2023 through December 2, 2023

Honor Fraser

Honor Fraser Matt DiGiacomo

DiGiacomo, whose tongue-in-cheek illustrations have garnered him wide acclaim throughout the fashion industry, steps into the art arena with a recognizable buck towards tradition. The resulting exhibition of paintings, sculptures, and limited-edition Sex Records merchandise taunts the roles and conventions of the commercial art market, while meditating on the compounding semiotics of Los Angeles — beauty, rebellion, and capital.

About Loading …,

Throughout the gallery, DiGiacomo’s illustrations take center stage, covering canvases, sculptures, exhibition furniture, and a range of customized merchandise — iPhone cases, Apple laptops and Airpods. His expressive and improvisational style is more than mere ornament, however. DiGiacomo fills his canvases with roaming voices and disembodied utterances. These distracting sounds call out to be heard amongst the cacophony of modern life. Forged in the concrete crucible of skate parks, boardwalks, and graffiti-lined thoroughfare, DiGiacomo’s artworks are mischievous emblems that hang ten on the milieu of California dreaming — leaving viewers to question if we’re glowing in their delightful warmth or burnt by their sardonic charm.

Honor Fraser Matt DiGiacomo

Also in Honor Fraser’s south galleries, one can find groupings of DiGiacomo’s feisty paintings. These artworks invoke the swish and swagger of a generation of street artists who have enchanted the commercial artworld since the late 20th century. Like a funhouse mirror, the gallery’s north project space poignantly refracts this presentation of artworks. In this space, DiGiacomo has assembled his own renegade Apple Store, playing up and against the sterility of “the white cube.” DiGiacomo’s pop-up brims with exclusive merchandise for sale, featuring tech products meticulously placed on equally adorned wooden tables, all peppered with his signature illustrations. Together, the two seemingly paradoxical exhibition spaces reveal the rarely acknowledged practices that form the bedrock of the arts economy. In turn, Loading…, like the title suggests, is an exhibition in-between states — one that teases what’s yet to come while cultivating divergent avenues of accessibility to DiGiacomo’s larger creative universe.

About Matt DiGiacomo

Born in Los Angeles, the artist is also known by his moniker Matty Boy. DiGiacomo is a LA-based artist and and has served as the Creative Director of Chrome Hearts, since 2018.

On view: September 9, 2023 – December 2, 2023

What: New Exhibitions
Where: Honor Fraser, 2622 S. La Cienega Blvd., LA, 90034
When: Running thru December 2, 2023

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