Happy New Year from LAArtParty.com If you are a subscriber, you probably already know about all the big changes happening at LAArtParty.com
BIG Changes for LAArtParty.com in 2017!!!
Since 2010, LAArtParty.com has been offering free listings for arts and entertainment events (taking place in the LA area) on a weekly basis. A
s of 2017, LAArtParty.com is launching a media division to help promote our clients – artists, galleries, theatres, performers, and small businesses of all kinds. LAArtParty.com will list events on a MONTHLY basis only. We are now offering a carefully curated list of the best arts and entertaiment event for the month. Each month, our team will meet the third week of the piror month to decide which events we feal qualify for our TOP TEN events and for our curated list of Additional Art Parties and Events. Our team will have more time to re-direct our efforts to our New Media Division. So remember – to be conisdered, you must send information about your events by the seond week of the prior month. See Contact Page to find out how submit and promote your own events!

It’s a very exciting time at LAArtParty.com – feel free to contact our team at LAArtParty@Gmail.com for your upcomng promotional needs! If you are a PR person/company – you may want to collaborate via our PR Partner program!

If you are currently an LAArtParty.com subscriber, you will still receive our newsletter – just once a month. The LAArtParty.com newsletter will be sent Two DAYs prior to our public post. We also have a NEW VIP SUBSCRIBER OPTION available. You will find out about the Top Ten Art Parties early and prior to our public post – you will also be invited to additional art parties and included in giveaways – available ONLY to VIPS. See 
Contact Page to find out how to become a VIP subscriber so you don’t miss any more great ART Parties!!

Have a Happy New Year from the LAArtParty team!