More openings take place for February 2024 at the Bendix Building on the 5th floor. 515 Gallery presents a new show titled Collective Conscious. The opening art party takes place from 7-9pm.

February 2024 Bendix Building

The group exhibition features artists Carolie Parker, Danny Shain, Lynda Pizutto, Ann Marie Rousseau, Mei Xian Qiu, Ruth Trotter, Joey Holdren, HK Zamani, Robert Kingston, Fatemeh Burnes, and Britney Penouilh. This show runs through March 23, 2024.


On the same floor…TSALA also hosts an event from 7-10pm. Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles debuts a two-person exhibition titled Parallel Time. The show features the work ofBrian Hubble as well as Jose Guadalupe Sanchez III. The opening art party will be held on February 17, 2024 from 7-10pm.

In 2024 it goes almost without saying that we all experience tremendous fragmentation at every level of our lived experience, but for some this is not necessarily something to lament. For a long time, artists have grappled with the effects of late modernism on everyday life. Recently, there’s been a noticeable trend in how artists confront and derive strength from this fragmentation. They harness the dissolution of narrative, identity, time, place, space, and meaning. Brian Hubble and Jose Guadalupe Sanchez III exemplify this approach in their work.

In both cases the artists’ handy work is as dazzling as it is confounding. Hubble reveals a deep commitment to the grit and labor of graphite and charcoal drawing practices as their material prima facie, showing both the patina of hard work and the perfection of the imperfect. Sanchez revels in the soft beauty of shapes and colors exquisitely calibrated and rendered in oil paint to unify his imagery.

Bendix Building September 2023

The viewer swiftly resolves any visual dissonance caused by the overlapping imagery in his paintings. They find pure joy in the technical mastery evident in the application of paint. In the end fragmentation yields surprising visual rewards and the realm of personal insights becomes a form of luscious generosity for the viewer.

Bendix Building

Home to artists, designers and creators, the Bendix Building was built in 1929. The gothic Revival style structure has made its mark with its signature Bendix rooftop sign towering 150 feet above the ground. You will find many galleries in this iconic building.

On view: February 17, 2024 – March 10, 2024; Additionally, TSALA will host a special reception for Frieze Weekend on Saturday March 2, 2024, from 7-10pm.

What: Two galleries two shows 
Where: 515 # 515 AND Tiger Strikes Asteroid (TSALA), 1206 Maple Ave #523, LA, 90015;
When: Running through March 10, 2023

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