The Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion entrance was turned into a snow tunnel blasting out snow, light set up and music all merging together to create a whimsical multidimensional experience. The time of the night played a major role on the engird and why it was so easy to feel like being around of the dream world was current.

SMusicCenterafterHours-DebiCable2-photoby-ErinJuliannaee black light art by Debi Cable; photo by Erin Julianna 

The dance floor was turned into an interactive installation piece, paired with art projectors and captivating sounds that set the tone for the background. The eclectic technology and the interactive experience of the ultra violet light takes art to another dimension. The wall to wall black light video installation was magical. The energetic visuals develop higher vibrations frequencies the 3D glasses allowed the art jumped off the walls so the effect was able to fully experienced. The colors were so vibrant and the live songstress provided another means to capture the essence of multi dimension artistry.

The tunnel was flooded with sounds of live performances of storytellers retelling classic tales bouncing off the walls. The tonalities and depths captured the attention of people pass down the tunnel way. The background sound mixed with Victorian lights props
produced the most unique multi dimensional existence.

MusicCenterafterHours1-ErinJuliannaphoto by Erin Julianna 

Shadow performances combined art and live shadow movement through projectors, and lights to create a dreamlike multimedia performance which felt similar to a recital. The art
and the shadow became one with the other, digitalized and human interaction through art.

The live dream interpreters clarifying dreams was the most intriguing and eerie moment of the experience piece. The low light scheme, music and set props guide the mood towards a spooky yet liberating pleasure.

The harp provided smooth and dreamy sounds paired with minimal light and the crowd position in a circle surrounding the artist generated a calming harmonious energy throughout the room.

Not all the details came from the huge installation pieces, but it was the small specific details that made the overall experience interactive between the art and the audience.