LA Artcore presents to draw a house / 得運廠, a two-person exhibition by Coffee Kang and Evelyn Hang Yin. An opening art party was held on February 10, 2024. However, the exhibition runs through March 15, 2024.

LA Artcore

Coffee Kang and Evelyn Hang Yin

While working in various media, the two artists engage with the narrative of Chinese diasporas in the U.S. The artists utilize the action of drawing a house while exploring the relationships between history and fiction, destiny and agency, socio-political landscapes and personal struggles around migration. The media used incorporates video, sound, photography, as well as installation.

to draw a house, one that resembles those on the detention barrack walls of the Angel Island Immigration Center. 

The title plays on the dual meaning of “Yùn” as movement and fortune in its Chinese exhibition title, 得運廠 (House of Yùn). The exhibition is also a study of movement within natural and cultural landscapes. Inserting themselves into the remnant of these houses, Kang and Yin fabricate a space that underscores the haunting testimonies of often misplaced histories. The two person show incorporates performance, projection, and artifacts related to the artists’ personal experience. In addition it questions the authenticity of the official record. It also examines the authority of institutional powers, calling for a re-imagined future in resistance to displacement, banishment, and erasure.

to draw a house, one that ripples in archival silence; searching and dreaming.

Coffee Kang Evelyn Hang Yin

Coffee Kang

A conceptual visual artist based in Los Angeles, Coffee Kang primarily working with photo, video, installation, and performance. Coming from a photographer’s background, she embodies ephemera in her works. As a queer, a visa holder, an artist of color, and a metaphorically unhomed body caught in a liminal space at the intersection of identities, Kang reflects a sense of loss and longing.

Evelyn Hang Yin 

is an interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and educator based in Los Angeles. Working with photography, video, text, and installation, Yin investigates how her personal experience moving between China and the U.S. informs her cultural identity.  She has exhibited at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, the New Wight Gallery, and the MAK Center for Art and Architecture. She was an Armed with a Camera Fellow with Visual Communications, the Media and Production Fellow for Arts in a Changing America, and the Research and Archive Fellow for China Alley Preservation Society.

LA Artcore

LA Artcore was founded in 1979 by Lydia Takeshita. It is dedicated to the creative exploration, discovery, and expression of Los Angeles and global residents. It also supports the careers of established and emerging contemporary artists. Although the founder has  passed on, this organization is still running, and supporting artists everywhere.

On view: February 10, 2024 – March 15, 2024

What: to draw a house / 得運廠, Coffee Kang & Evelyn Hang Yin
Where: LA Artcore, 120 Judge John Also Street, LA 90012
When: Running through March 15, 2024

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