KP Projects debuts The Polyphonic Fortress, the newest exhibition by Camille Rose Garcia. An opening art party was held on February 10, 2024. The solo exhibition runs through March 9, 2024.

KP Projects

Camille Rose Garcia

The Polyphonic Fortress is a natural progression as well as a nuanced departure from earlier figurative and narrative works. Since the early years of her solo career with KP Projects (Merry Karnowsky) in 1999, Garcia’s prolific metamorphic paintings have beckoned to a contemporary aesthetic. This evolved from the earlier figurative and narrative works that came to define the Lowbrow / Pop Surreal movement.

Working from her studio in the Northern California coastal forest, where she has now lived longer than her urban upbringing in native Los Angeles, it seems inevitable that “Landscape” would influence the artist’s work and form a symbolic language of its own.

Camille Rose Garcia

Camille Rose Garcia, Fortress of Memory, Acrylic & glitter on wood panel w/ Pacific foraged driftwood


This exhibit focuses on the loss of a forest from a 2023 wildfire in Garcia’s immediate area. This loss magnifies the collective wildfires eating up the California landscape. The 11 paintings on panel and 13 watercolor works on paper are a profound study in personal and collective loss, and also a hope for transcendence.

The Polyphonic Fortress is a shimmering, ethereal love letter to the landscapes of California. Additionally, it is a record of the artist’s dreams, a spell to cure time, and a magic fort of blankets to keep the crystalline perfection of nature, protected and unchanged.

On view: February 10, 2024 – March 9, 2024

What: The Polyphonic Fortress, Camille Rose Garcia
Where: KP Projects, 633 N. La Brea Ave., Suite 104, LA, 90036 (South of Melrose, West side of the street)
When: Running through March 9, 2024

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