Stop in to enjoy “Boarding 535p” a solo exhibition of JUDSON DEAN LACAPRA @ Building Bridges Art Exchange-Bergamot Station Arts Center.

“Boarding 535p” is a series of sequences manifesting the transformative soul of a traveler. Large in scale, “Boarding 535p” embraces the ever-changing world around us. In the exhibit, Judson Dean LaCapra offers a view into the moment concept moves into execution. A mixture of objects and media, which include momentous detritus such as ticket stubs, journal entries, and stamped passports are digitally montaged, resulting in a collective narrative. LaCapra stitches together fragments of a personal voyage spanning over a decade, navigating us through remnants of life-altering global events. In his unconscious pursuit of Mark Twain’s spirit, LaCapra laces together poignant material documenting the shifts in air travel, the costs of airline tickets, and expended passports acquired under reigns of multiple governments.

LaCapra’s journal entries open a portal onto the transformative soul of a traveler buffeted by political, socioeconomic, and technological events. In “Boarding 535p” we discern the metamorphosis of a man. LaCapra’s pieces prompt us to reflect on our own human experience, reminding us that our world can alter, thoroughly, within the blink of an eye.

What: Opening Reception
Where: BUILDING BRIDGES Art Exchange, Bergamot Station, F-2, 2525 Michigan Ave., SM 90404
Phone: 323-839-5786