bG Gallery celebrated Gay Summer Rick: Lighter than Air on October 14, 2023. The solo exhibition will run through November 4, 2023. Save the date – October 21, 2023 for an art talk. See below for info.

bG Gallery Gay Summer Rick

The urban coastal environment continues to serve as muse for Gay Summer Rick’s paintings. For this new body of work the artist has delved into an exploration of awe and its ability to captivate and uplift us in troubling times. Floating, hovering, gliding, and flying, are pivotal themes explored in the work to elicit a sense of wonder. Graceful trapeze artists flying through the air, surfers at rest in the lull between waves, glowing reflections created by the setting sun just above the horizon, and objects, as though weightless, hovering overhead, invite the viewer to be transported.

The Artist’s Technique

Rick uses palette knives to create her paintings. She applies fine layers of colors to bring her visions to life. Through sensitively meditated control, she articulates delicate details and creates shimmering atmospheric scenes. In “Lustre”, from above we watch as surfers in the distance float on a calm fuchsia sea.. “Adagio” captures two trapeze artists sweeping through the air, holding each other’s arms in perfect harmony and control.  Lighter Than Air provides a path to step away, experience a sense of lightness, peace, calm, quiet, or joy, and take the lift.


Gay Summer Rick’s primary preoccupation is the search for beauty. She has found this spending years culling urban landscapes for hidden treasure. A longtime Los Angeles transplant from New York, Rick has used painting to reclaim home and her place in ever changing cityscapes. Rick’s work expresses quiet vibration and the surprising beauty of commonplace elements found in the urban environment. Her work describes this in an atmospheric and dreamlike yet familiar manner.

About bG Gallery

bG Gallery opened in 2009, and has been located in various locations through the years. Santa Monica area has been a constant, with additional galleries located in Hollywood and Malibu. bG Gallery also offers art consultation services to help individuals and organizations build their art collections.

On view: October 14 – November 4, 2023; Save the Date…Saturday, October 21, 2023, 4:00pm for Artist Talk: Gay Summer Rick in onversation with Shana Nys Dambrot;

What: Gay Summer Rick: Lighter than Air
Where: bG Gallery, Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave #A2, Santa Monica, CA 90405
When: Running thru November 4, 2023

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