Avenue des Arts is pleased to present “RATS,” a solo exhibition by deconstructive pop artist Matt Gondek. The show will feature Gondek’s largest painting ever and the greatest number of sculptures he’s ever included in a show. The opening reception was held on Saturday, August 14, 2021. The show will remain open until Saturday, September 11.

This is the first exhibition in which Gondek has based all of the artwork on one central character— Mickey Mouse. In this exhibit, Gondek presents us with a deconstructed version of Mickey Mouse in a variety of ways. There will be paintings, a drawing, many sculptures, NFTs, and even a mural. This new exhibit is especially exciting because digital work in the NFT marketplace will be shown alongside physical, tangible work. Additionally, it contains the largest painting that Gondek has ever created and the greatest number of sculptures that he has ever included in a show.

“RATS” has been in the making on and off for the past three years. The term “rats” is used to express annoyance or frustration, and Gondek uses the exclamation, “rats,” to describe the mood of the pandemic and the sudden cancellation of so many important events and exhibitions. “RATS” takes this frustration as inspiration and then leaves it in the past. “It’s just a big fun colorful show that I think we need after being indoors for the last year and a half,” Gondek says.

Annoyance caused by our socially distanced lifestyles and hope for the future are simultaneously conveyed in this exhibition, especially with its incorporation of very large works, bright colors, and innovative digital content. Furthermore, it is a show that everyone can relate to, from the common daily frustrations of the worldwide pandemic to the optimism of looking towards the future in hopes of a more “normal” lifestyle. The inclusion of NFT digital art might also hint at a common awareness in technological advance and an irreversible change in our culture following COVID-19. 

On view August 14 – September 11, 2021

What: “RATS,” Matt Gondek
Where: Avenue des Arts, 807 S. Los Angeles Street, LA, 90014
Website: http://avenuedesarts.org