Artspace Warehouse presents Texture and Topography, a group exhibition that explores the intricate interplay between the tactile as well as visual dimensions of art. The gallery hosted an opening art party on September 30, 2023. However you still have time to see the exhibition through October 27, 2023

Artspace Warehouse Texture and Topography

The exhibition showcases works that delve into the textural landscapes of materials, utilizing depth, dimension, and surface to create rich and dynamic topographical forms. From rough, rugged surfaces evocative of the natural world to smooth, polished textures suggestive of man-made objects, the works in Texture and Topography offer a comprehensive examination of the creative process and the crucial role that texture plays in our perception of the world.

Artspace Warehouse

Artspace Warehouse exhibits a large selection of affordable original artworks from established as well as emerging international artists with diverse backgrounds. One-of-a-kind, original artworks are exhibited.

The gallery’s website features all the artworks, and they are also on display at Artspace Warehouse Gallery in Los Angeles. Artspace Warehouse is spacious 5,000-square-foot, affordable art gallery.

On view: September 30, 2023 – October 27, 2023

What: Texture and Topography, group exhibition
Where: Artspace Warehouse, 7358 Beverly Boulevard LA, 90036
When: Running through October 27, 2023

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