Parallax Art Fair is back in LA for its second incarnation. Read more about this popular art fair which has been running since 2010 in Europe. The art fair will be held on April 29, 30, 2023 at MG Studio from 11am-5pm. The art fair is free to attend. See below for Parking info.

Artist Spotlight

Talented neon artists Michael Flechtner, and Linda Sue Price will be exhibiting at the event. The public works of Michael Flechtner can be seen in Tokyo, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. In 2010, the artist was commissioned to design a postage stamp for the USPS known as the Celebrate! stamp.

Linda Sue Price creates mixed media neon sculpture using abstract shapes. The shapes are bent free form, not using a pattern, making each tube unique. Abstract forms are used as a way to see neon differently.

Linda Sue Price, Michael Flechtner,

About Parallax Art Fair 

Parallax Art Fair grew out of a research exhibition called “Parallax” held in London in 2010. It is Europe’s largest art fair for independent artists and designers and has produced more than 33 editions in 11 years. This is their second edition in Los Angeles. Parking is available directly across from the venue for $10 cash.

Noted for doing things a bit differently, Parallax Art Fair offers free entry and no commissions. There is also no selection committees, basically it’s about putting control back into the hands of the people that buy and display products as well as those that make products. And that often means having to help artists and designers “unlearn” what they are taught in art colleges because you can’t make a living from objects merely as “art research.”

Admission is Free; Parking is available directly across from the venue for $10 cash.

What: Parallax Art Fair
Where: MG Studio, 1319 W. 11th St., LA 90015
When: April 29, 30, 2023, 11:00am – 5:00pm