Welcome 2020 – LAArtParty.com is celebrating its tenth year supporting the arts! At the end of each year the LAArtParty team discusses what’s working and whats not. We love to hear from our readers and often tweak LAArtParty.com based on what you, the subscribers tell us.

Many of our readers have asked for more performance listings and food events, in addition to visual arts. Well we have them for you. We are NO longer doing a top ten list each month. Instead we will choose Featured Art Events…why? Often we hear about incredible last minute events that our readers need to hear about. An important event deserves a large feature. Our list of events will still be curated…we vote on it and every other week, more events will be added. Remember to send early, if you are submitting events, you will still receive priority…especially if you send in the CORRECT FORMAT! CLICK HERE to find out how to submit your listing…and help us help you.
Scroll down to see our Featured Art Parties/Events chosen by our LAArtParty team. As always you will find these events and a variety of more types of upcoming events taking place in the LA area on our Upcoming Page. Now we will have ALL the events listed on ONE page – Scroll down, or see our All Art Parties / Events drop-down on the Upcoming Page.

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