UPDATED LISTING:  On March 27, 2020, Blum & Poe Broadcasts was launched as a new platform to connect to its patrons and art community during the corona crisis. The program presents artists’ work in conjunction with physical installations or as standalone digital endeavors. Accompanied by new content offering a deeper look into the life and practice of the artist, this online space also provides direct access to our sales team.

Its third episode focuses on the practice of Brazilian artist Solange Pessoa, in conjunction with her first US museum exhibition currently installed at Ballroom Marfa, Texas. Like many other museums today, Ballroom Marfa is now closed indefinitely — this Broadcast is intended to share significant work that would otherwise be on view to the public. CLICK HERE to access.

Broadcasts premiered two presentations focusing on the work of Mimi Lauter and Paloma Bosquê subsequent to the COVID-19-initiated closures of their exhibitions, respectively installed in New York and Tokyo (prior to the shelter in home order).

Episode 1: Mimi Lauter introduces her garden – a parallel practice to her painting, both of which meditate on and celebrate the seasons of life and the beauty of mortality. Mimi Lauter’s arrangements of radiant colors crescendo to a celebration of the  human spirit — a joyous marking of the connections between memories and dreams, personal stories and myths, birth and death. CLICK HERE for more info.

Paloma Bosquê experiments with the texture, weight and balance of a wide variety of materials, including some which are not typical of sculpture: brass, felt, bronze, coal, gum rosin, bee’s wax, beef casing, craft paper, coffee sieves and wool. CLICK HERE for more info.

Find out about Blum & Poe on its website – https://blumandpoe.com/