M+B is pleased to present a video presentation of Matthew Brandt discussing his current exhibition titled “Vatnajökull.” The show marks the debut of a new series which takes on the glacial terrain in Iceland as its subject. This new body of work extends the artist’s on-going interest in the chemical color process and is his third to explore chromogenic material with natural elements. Click Here to watch.

Matthew Brandt, Vatnajökull YMC12, 2018-2020, Heated chromogenic print, with acrylic varnish and Aqua-Resin support, 49 x 73 5/8 inches

In “Vatnajökull,” Brandt captures the powerful geothermal intensities of Iceland’s wilderness. He exposes his photographs of the Vatna ice field to fire and heat, and then through color-separation creates a range of tonalities across multiple impressions of a single image. With their blistered and undulating surfaces, each photograph emerges with its own topography. For the viewer, the act of looking becomes a haptic, multi-sensorial experience, tactile and pulsing. In bridging subject with material, Brandt enlists the senses to make meaning of the rugged, majestic landscape.

For more information about the exhibition, visit the website – https://www.mbart.com/