Check out my THRIVE GLOBAL Byline – This is Arianna Huffington’s website – its a great resource for all of you who work too hard – SLOW DOWN and smell the roses.

I wrote a 3-part series about my husband, and our honeymoon – Finding Love Later in Life, Honeymoon on the Garden Island, and The Honeymoon Continues, Foodie Heaven. Read another article about taking time for oneself at Descanso Gardens and another one about how I dealt with the death of my father while enjoying the High Tea and the beautiful flowers of Huntington Gardens.

See my travel article “Running Away Never Felt So Good” about my trip to Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean, and another trip to NYC’s Harlem. That article aslo features music as does my artile about the Malibu Guitar Festival. I also write about food and local restaurants.