Whole LIfe Balance-small-ShaneGriffin-pixShane Griffin has traveled a long and difficult road to get where he is. For years he was a successful Toronto business owner running five night clubs. The “party” atmosphere took its toll on Griffin and soon he found himself in a downward spiral.

Flash forward to today, Griffin has cleaned up his act and persevered with a healthy lifestyle. He moved to Los Angeles and is now helping others do the same. Owner of Whole Life Balance With Drip iv Therapy in Santa Monica, he is a example of what power of change and clean living can do. “To Achieve Whole Life Balance you have to participate in the Whole Body, a Positive Life, and Balance your Needs,” insists Griffin.

A constant in the community, Griffin has been instrumental in working with local charities and has lent his hand to events such as the Get Lucky for Lupus event in Hollywood and the Arthritis Foundation event. He also personally purchased two live auction items at the latter event to the tune of 18k.

Whole LIfe Balance small-frontHis company, Whole Life Balance continues to be a strong presence in the community. Taking on a presenting sponsor role for the Well Being Buy Local Festival in Santa Monica on September 12, Whole Life Balance will be particpating in the event. Be sure to pop by and say Hi! The event will be held at the Santa Monica Civic Center parking lot – corner of Pico & Main St. The event runs from 11-4pm.

WLB is also a flagship sponsor for the Great Strides Walk Santa Monica for Cancer (on SM Pier – 10am) coming up on October 24th and will be raising a goal of 35k for the 5k Walk.

He has created an oasis in the heart of Santa Monica. Whole Life Balance offers a wide variety of service from massage, to areal yoga, pilates, acupuncture, and more. There is even a gym on site. Taking it to the next level it also offers Drip IV Therapy.

GrWhole-Life-Balance-SMALL-IV-blue-iffin is an advocate of the IV Drips. “I have a drip every week, said Griffin, “for the simple fact that I am busy and not only is it the fastest delivery mechanism for nutrient, vitamin, trace minerals and amino acids but also it give me a minute to recharge. I am helping myself quickly and at the same time slowing down.”

IV Drips can offer Support in these areas.
• Stamina…supports energy
• Resistance…helps support immunity
• Allure…Supports Skin and appearance
• Lean…supports Muscle tone
• Purify… designed to support a Cleanse
• Social… to recover from over indulging or preparing for such events
• Neutralize… to support Alkalinity and proper ph balance
• The Cold Turkey… a Strong detox (only by doctor)
• The Balance… a variation of the traditional Myers cocktail.

Whole LIfe Balance small-YOGAThis Wednesday, September 9…find out what all the fuss is about. Pop into the grand opening reception of Whole Life Balance with Drip iv Therapy at 5pm.

The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a ribbon ceremony at 6pm. Mix and mingle with like minded people, meet the staff, enjoy refreshments, a glass of wine and find out more about these innovative services.

What: Grand Opening, Whole Life Balance
Where: Whole Life Balance, 507 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 101, Santa Monica, CA 90401
When: 5:00pm; Ribbon cutting – 6:00pm
Phone: 888.540.5714
Website: www.wholelifebalance.com