1.29 Nevin Wong YoemiteThis afternoon, in Culver City, as part of the Gateway Photography Initiative,  Nevin Wong’s photography is featured in a new exhibition entitled “Californian Landscapes.”

The photos are from his recent travels through California and its neighboring states.

Th1.29 GatewayPerf Nevin Wongere will be a presentation of 20-30 minutes, which follows by a reception at the exhibition hall.

The event will be held at 11760 Gateway Blvd.,  LA, 90064, from 1:00 pm till 2:00 pm. 310 473-3191; http://www.gatewayperformanceseries.org

AvaginalDavis2lso happening in the afternoon, from 1:00 pm till 3:30 pm. Performace Art!!! Well what can I say….I love the name…“My Pussy Is Still in Los Angeles (I Only Live in Berlin)” is definitely catchy….Vaginal Davis, a performance artist (who was on the same bill as me years ago, here in LA ….who could forget that name?) is back in LA after recently relocating to Berlin. Over the last four decades,  Vaginal Davis has produced a diverse range of work that absolutely defies categorization.

My Pussy Is Still in Los Angeles (I Only Live in Berlin) is a Lesbian Separatist tea party that combines pre-recorded music, spoken-word narratives, and live performance to explore the utopian promise of Los Angeles and the dystopia of the late 1970s through the lens of the Woman’s Building, gender issues, and her own career as a performance artist.

This performance is presented by West of Rome Public Art, as part of the Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival, organized by the Getty Research Institute and LA><Art.

VaginalDavisBe aware, the tickets are $50 (There ain’t no free wine here…), but you’ll receive a limited edition, handmade, signed artist book and High Tea Party with finger foods, pink bubbles.

There is a special 1/2 off for students or you can say you heard about it on LA Art Party….but call first, and buy the tix via web, before you head there.

The event takes place at Bullocks Wilshire at Southwestern Law School, at 3050 Wilshire Blvd, 2nd Floor LA, 90010. For more info about the show or discounted tix, email  info@westofrome.org or call 626-793-1504  Buy Tix here!  http://www.westofrome.org/

Well we’ve got lots to do this weekend….see ya out there!

One more event for you for all you fashionistas….

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