Hope you had a great New Year’s Eve…I am recovering….whew! Fun night. I’ve got a special Monday event up this week….check it out.

New year, New Life. Time for change! Relax for a day…then take the plunge!  Penquins

Come on take the plunge today into the Pacific Ocean with family and friends. Join the Venice Penguin Swim Club at the Breakwater, at the end of Windward, every January 1st and greet the New Year with a Big Splash!

SPenquinSwimign up starts at 11:00 am on the beach and there is no entry charge to participate. The first man and woman to complete a 500-yard swim around a buoy and back will be crowned the penguin prince and princess.

It all happens at the Venice Breakwater…. at the end of Windward Ave.

See ya next year!