In West LA…

JSun-Jan17-Jaus-KimYe-SPORTSWOMANAUS cordially invites you to the final performance/exercise class by Kim Ye, and immediately afterwards, a closing BBQ party for her solo exhibition, SPORTSWOMAN.

About the performance/exercise class (noon to 1pm):
DOMINATE YOURSELF, is a program designed to bring you face to face with the worst you have to offer. Part artist talk, part group exercise class, part D/s sermon, this participatory performance is an experiment in using physical education to transcend traditional notions of self.

About the exhibition (1:30pm to 3:30pm):
SPORTSWOMAN represents not only Ye’s first time showing with JAUS, but will also be the first individual exhibition at JAUS in nearly 5 years, and only the second since the gallery’s inception. Ye will be exhibiting all new works in sculpture, painting, installation, performance, and video.

Ye’s oeuvre can be seen as reflections and manifestations of how the mind and, integral to this, the body responds to preordained constructs such as behavioral norms, human-made environments, and collective rituals. Acting within and pressing against the pressure towards orthodoxy, Ye’s work describes the latent psychic forces that provoke an individual’s desires to experience the strange, the new, and the unexplored.

What: Reception
Where: Jaus, 11851 La Grange Ave., LA 90025
When: 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Phone: 424.248.0781


In the Miracle Mile area…

FSundayJan16-FMFineArtGallery-My-Friend-Len-Aaron-copyM Fine Art Gallery celebrates the art of Len Aaron. Artist, world traveler, businessman, adventurer, fun-loving non-agenarian, and exuberant founder of Aaron Brothers, Aaron sports the attire of a true western bohemian legend. His face comfortably wears 99-years and a smile, as he preambles pearls of wisdom with curls of smoke from a fine pipe.

Aaron’s brand of abstract expressionism shows a moment separate from an expectation of a moment. There is a whimsy that colors around the lines of wisdom. Clearly a story is being told in retrospect by an optimist, but it’s unclear if the story is a joke or a cautionary tale. In an artistic genre that seems to prize melancholy and shun humor, Aaron carves his own anarchic niche within the chaos itself. Aaron pulls focus to a distinct sense of indistinction… questioning the confines of an art form meant to free us from restriction.  

The legend continues as does his dream to passionately democratize art.

What: Opening reception
Where: FM Fine Art Gallery, 834 N. La Brea Ave., LA, 90038
When: 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Phone: 323 466-9999


OK kids…see ya out there!