Ownlowres-shane-Griffin-smiling-byAmyLynnGroverer of Whole Life Balance, Shane Griffin has a lot to be grateful for. Struggling with addiction for twenty years, he has participated in unhealthy situations, which often ended in tragedy. He has lost friends to addiction, sabotaged his personal relationships and made unwise business decisions.

See image: Shane Griffin, photo by Amy Lynn Grover

Today he is clean and sober and happy to help others. He has personally reached out to many recovering addicts and helped them stay clean. He also gives his time to work with the families of addicts, to offer them his first hand experience of what their loved one is going through.

“The whole life balance was built on helping people in addiction recovery. The nutritional based program that I built was because after recovery I found that my digestive tract was not working properly so I knew that all of the wonderful food they were giving me was pointless to have because I wasn’t digesting it.” So Griffin decided to build a program that helped aid in digestion. “We can help realign the body in a month or two months worth of work and we can get them digesting and introducing nutrients and vitamins into the bodies in ways and mechanisms that aren’t usually possible for other people.”

When I asked him for some tips to prevent others from falling down the same rabbit hole, he replied…”What I learned in treatment is that we all have an inner child that is seeking something that he or she may not have gotten as they were growing up. It’s not whether your parents were good parents or bad parents it’s just that we just missed something. So I would suggest to everyone, if they have children to always be encouraging. Tell them how wonderful they are. If you are a young adult, just be confident and strong in who you are, and in your own abilities. The Ferraris and all that stuff—I had them all—it’s bull. I mean it’s nice if you can afford it but only if your life is in check.”

As a Santa Monica business owner he is active in his community. he gives back in so many ways. He is an avid participant in health conscious events such as Well Being and the Fitness Festival The Fit Tour from Level Sports (which both took place in Sept). WLB also sponsors nonprofit events such as Get Lucky for Lupus LA event, and the Arthritis Foundation event and will be a flagship sponsor, for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk of Santa Monica this Saturday, October 24.

During tlowres-Whole LIfe Balance fronthis event Griffin will be in Toronto simultaneously giving his time to yet another nonprofit event for Cystic Fibrosis. He has worked with this nonprofit for over ten years with his family. His mother invited him to attend and he decided to help create a larger event. He continues to give his time each year as a production manager. His brother’s business, Team Group of Companies sponsors the event as well, making it a true family affair.

So if you are in Santa Monica or Toronto…support a great cause and support survivors to fight their fight.

To find out more about Whole Life Balance, visit the website at http://wholelifebalance.com/

The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk of Santa Monica will be held this Saturday, October 24, on the Santa Monica Pier (200 Santa Monica Pier) at 10:00am. Enjoy live music, shopping, refreshments/food and more. Learn more about how to prevent and treat this debilitating disease. To find out more about the event CLICK HERE!