“Between Times” is a one-day art exhibition and fundraising event sponsored by Art’s Treasures, a non-profit 501c, that will take place at the MGN Five Star Cinema on Sunday, November 6th 2016 from 4pm to 7pm. The art exhibition will include artworks by one of the most celebrated Armenian contemporary artists, Narine Isajanian, including artworks from her own art collection.

SeNov5-Narine-RemnantsofLifee image: by Narine Isajanyan, Remnants of Life, mixed media on canvas, 2014, 11′ x 9′

Narine Isajanyan was born in Armenia and began drawing and painting at the age of five. During her childhood she visited many museums and galleries in Armenian and St. Petersburg, as well as receiving training in music and dance. She moved to Moscow to study at the Moscow Architectural Institute but found Soviet regulations with architecture too restrictive and sought more freedom to express her ideas through her art. Then she returned to Armenia in 1995 where she received her Master’s degree in fine arts from Yerevan University of Art and Theater

She first started exhibiting her art in 1990 in Armenia and has participated in numerous shows in Moscow, Beruit, Abu Dhabi, Croatia and Belgium. She came to the United States in 1998 when she was invited to participate in an art exhibition and since then has exhibited her paintings at many galleries in the Los Angeles area.

Inspired by the impressionist painter Monet, Narine’s work is expressionist, minimalist and conceptual by turns. Whether on canvas, paper, board, wood or actually made of metal, her pieces become abstract landscapes that are as fluid within as they are consistent and organic as a whole.

About her art, Narine says, “When I paint, I feel like I am flying and dancing; I hear music in my mind. Through my art I want to express the freedom I feel in my soul.”

Nicholas Chelyapov, an art collector, art lover and a very well respected scientist wrote, “When you enter a gallery harboring a group show and start scanning the walls filled with paintings, at some point you notice something that attracts your attention. You return to that piece and continue scanning. If your eye catches a piece by Narine Isajanyan – you stop. If you want to construct a glossary to describe the reason for that, the following nouns will be used: rootNov-5-2016-NarineIsajanyan-Woundss mystery, earth, philosophy, spirit, depth, energy, cosmos, ground, beauty, space, emotion, Armenia, universe, and many more. A list of adjectives will include: harmonious, sincere, open, captivating, charged, balanced, restrained, borderless, free, infinite, and a plethora of others. If you look at Narine’s pieces from afar, sometimes not so much is happening on the canvas at first sight, but something draws you to that. When you approach it, the whole world, her world, very much related to your world appears in front of you as you come closer and closer. That’s why Narine Isajanyan’s Art should be in every Museum, Gallery, Collection, and Home” (California Courier, May 15, 2014).

See image: by Narine Isajanyan, Wounds, mixed media on canvas, 2008, 30″ x 61″

In his critique of Narine’s Art in 2004 Ed Harker, a writier and movie director wrote “ Narine’s most recent large scale canvases are painted with acrylic mixed with sand, earth, metal shavings. Reminiscent of Pollock’s free use of space, they created bold unified fields energized by swirling movements of muted color under multiple layers of grays and blacks. Like the universe expending in every direction without a center, her elements are nevertheless so harmonic as to created a single “minimalist impressions.”

Many of Narine’s very latest pieces almost recreated the feeling of lunar landscapes. Yet without intending to represent the natural world, without “relation interference” in the spontaneous building of form upon form, her images reflect the process of nature responding within her. She is not imagining scenes from some parallel world, she is creating that world (Ed Harker, 2004).

Enjoy wine and music and come meet the artist!

What: “Between Times” – one-day art exhibition
Where: MGN Five Star Cinema, 128 N. Maryland Avenue, Glendale, CA 91206
When: Sunday, November 6th 2016, –  4:00pm – 7:00pm
Website: http://www.narineisajanyan.com/