Art is aJan24-Sona-flyer-RebeccaMolayem tough business. At times it can be incredibly competitve, but as many of us know, when you help others…it always come back.

Sona Mirzaei is a perfect example of that. I absolutely love when artists help other artists. Sona often shares ideas and new opportunities with other artists. Like-minded people always seem to find one another…such as Sona and Rebecca Molayem.

On Saturday, January 24, Sona Mirzaei will be featured in a solo exhibition, titled “Abstract Expressions P.II” at the Rebecca Molayem Gallery from 7-10pm.

“I met Rebecca at her gallery on Robertson and Beverly several years ago back in 2009 and have kept an ongoing relationship since she has moved to her new gallery location on 3rd st and Sweetzer. We both are looking forward to this exhibition of Abstract Expressions P.II and the start of 2015. This is our first time finally working together and I know it is going to be great!”

Sona recently created fifty new artworks. “This new addition to my series In Search of Splendor builds the journey that I take every time I pick up a brush or palette knife so I solely just worked on abstract pieces while ensuring that each has its own unique character and overall theme.”

Jan24-SonaMIrzaie-OctavianSee image: Octavian, by Sona Mirzaei

The Rebecca Molayem Gallery opened around six years ago on Robertson Blvd., then moved to its current location. The gallery has presented eight solo shows as well as several group shows. Molayem said when viewing artist’s work, she looks for the style of the work, along with consistency. She said it also needs to be esthetically compatible with her work and the type of work she presents. Although Molayem often exhibits the work of other artists, she insists “I am an artist first and then a gallery owner.”

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Where: Rebecca Molayem Gallery, 8304 W. 3rd St., 90048
When: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Phone: 323-944-0553