Gus-Harper-withworkGus Harper Art is pleased to present Minor Identity Crisis II on Saturday, January 23 from 6:30 to 11:00 P.M. at 11306 Venice Blvd. L.A., Ca. 90066. Minor Identity Crisis II is a collection of figurative, acrylic paintings by Gus Harper; this event is free and open to the public, but private viewings can be scheduled at the convenience of interested parties and institutions.

Minor Identity Crisis II heralds the ongoing dialogue that was started last March when Harper showed his work at the gallery at Essentia on Main st.

In many respects, the current exhibit enhances the dialogue that commenced with that first show. The works in Minor Identity Crisis concerned themselves with the identities we assume throughout our day as we contend with information overload–as more and more information is heaped upon our waking moments. In contrast, the paintings in Minor Identity Crisis II are about overcoming those fears by channeling them into generative, creative endeavors and becoming the best versions of ourselves. Recently, the Santa Monica native painted The Minor Identity Crisis Mural on the 34th and Pico exit of Interstate 10; the work is a sequence of eight-foot murals of varying length that repeat thematic figures throughout; the figures tie the disparate murals together, and repeat them almost to the point of making them talismans. The mural has acquired a quiet following as the exit is utilized by thousands of Santa Monica residents whom live abutting Interstate 10 per day.

GusHarper-IdentityCrisisAnd, The Minor Identity Crisis Mural inspired Harper to paint Migratory Beasts which will be the feature piece of Harper’s next show. Other notable pieces will be the installation piece Kill The DJ and the collaborative video piece, with Isaac Rodriguez, called Soft Against The Ages. Harper has been painting full-time for over 15 years and maintains Gus Harper Art, his studio in west Culver City. His work is currently on display in Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Mexico City, San Francisco, Denver, and Lake Arrowhead.

What: Artist Reception
Where: 11306 Venice Blvd. L.A., Ca. 90066
When: 6:30pm – 11:00pm – Saturday, January 23, 2016