4-Huff-HIVEGroupshowOn December 3, 2016 Hive Art Gallery & Studios pressented new exhibitions – be sure to check them out during the month of Demcember. I interviewed some of the artists for my recent Huffington Post article. It’s been a pleasure to meet so many artists who are grateful to Hive Gallery and its owner and fellow artist Nathan Cartwright.

Each month the gallery presents at least one group show. It also selects featured artists to showcase. This month they are offering a group show titled “ARTRATES JAPAN.” This exhibition will feature over thirty artists exhibiting from Japan throughout the month. Also being celebrated this Saturday is the art of Ty Cummings, Walt Hall, “The Dark Art of Ryan Patterson” and Ivonne Escoto’s “The White Tiger Project.”

The Hive Art Gallery and Studios is the sole USA gallery at Ultra: Emerging Art Gallery show in Tokyo, Japan for the 4th year. We will be participating this December in this show exhibiting work by 6 US artists.

Dec3-2016-TyCummings-Avenue-HiveThe work of Ty Cummings will be featured on the Tall Wall – His art has taken a new direction…which I am lovin’ so be sure to drop in to check it out.

See image: by Ty Cummings, Avenue – 20″ x 16,” mixed media on wood     

Cummings has lived in several areas of LA  – Venice (which is where I first met him), downtown and now Santa Monica. “I think the downtown scene is interesting, said Cummings, “with the arts district and art walk and big spaces available. However, the new Santa Monica railway makes seeing things more available now but also changes things up and makes people wonder what’s up if it’ll remain its vibe.” He will be showing a broad selection of his work, including several new ones such as Avenue.

Cummings continues to create his mixed media both on wood and canvas utilizing a variety of clever found objects. “Avenue is on wood, explained Cummings. “I used to live in a place called the Avenues and it was inspired by a street sign I saw downtown Los Angeles that was yellow and black and had some pink punk colored vandalism. Then I was inspired by a muse and it became itself. I like them when they’re worked just right, not too much, not too light.”  Another work created by Cummings is Whereabouts. This one is a favorite of mine. Ty told me he loved the tension between the different realities on it and the freedom but realism at times. 

Xianpitt has been exhibiting at HIVE over a year and said she loves being a part of the community. “I like to make monsters while I am atXianpitt Embrace 2016 KodakEnduraPrint 1 events and talk to people about the work. It is so fun to experience all of the different kinds of people who come to the Hive and absolutely love it – they say it’s where it’s at!”

See image: by Xianpitt, Embrace, 6″x9″ 2016 Kodak Endura Print

Xianpitt’s work combines photography and sculpture. “I make toy sculpture and costumes, then I photograph people in the costumes set up in the world, or the toys that I set up in little dollhouse settings.” She added that it was after she had her first child that she truly realized the important role that the act of play held in each of our lives (I love that).  https://xianpitt.wordpress.com/

“The White Tiger Project” was created by special effects artist Ivonne Escoto who has -been exhibiting at Hive for over a year now. Escoto has been busy utilizing her skills in Hollywood projects such as Spider-man 2, Alien vs Predator, Tron Legacy, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, etc.

The artist received accolades on the Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge show. Inspired by her experience from the reality show, she has asked over twenty-five artists to design their own version of a custom painted/sculpted white tiger plush doll originally created by Escoto. Find out more about Ivonne Escoto on http://bluangel13.wixsite.com/bluangel13

Dec3-2016-HIVE-StephenHolman-nIntheHeartoftheWoods-smallestArtist Stephen Holman will also have work featured on Saturday. He has had a studio at Hive Art Gallery and Studios for the past four years.

See image: In the Heart of the Woods 30 x 30” Acrylic on Canvas 2016

Holman said he loves the vitality and energy of Hive. “it attracts ALL kinds of people, not just a privileged slice of society. Nathan is a unique and genuine guy, a visionary but completely unpretentious, rather like his gallery in other words.” WWW.STEPHENHOLMANART.COM

What: Opening reception
Where: The Hive Gallery & Studios, 729 South Spring St., LA 90014
Website: http://hivegallery.com/