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On view thru August 14, 2021: Lowell Ryan Projects, Robert Lazzarini’

Lowell Ryan Projects is pleased to present an exhibition of Robert Lazzarini’s most recent paintings titled “Rated R for violence” curated by Emma Frank. Lazzarini's paintings are based upon the ubiquitous red title cards seen prior to movie previews. Indicating “appropriate for mature

On View thru August 14, 2021: Skidmore Contemporary Art, Tracey Sylvester Harris

Skidmore Contemporary Art presents “Tracey Sylvester Harris: The Swimming Pool.” An opening reception was held on Saturday July 10, 2021 with the artist. Be sure to contact the gallery, to view the exhibition through August 14,'s a beautiful show! Tracey

On View thru August 14, 2021: Roberts Projects, Daniel Crews-Chubb

Roberts Projects debuts a solo exhibition titled “Solitary Us: Couples Paintings” by Daniel Crews-Chubb. This new body of work, produced during the lockdown period in the UK amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, continues Crews-Chubb’s exploration of human relationships and are self-reflective and reactionary to

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