LA Art Party’s Pick of the Week is Rosamund Felsen Gallery’s newest exhibition…The opening reception takes place this Saturday and celebrates two artists…Patrick Nickell & Les Biller.

Rosamund Felsen has offPOW-RosamundFelsen-PatNickellPortraitNov-2014ered some phenomenal exhibitions in the past, and I’m looking forward to seeing the innovative sculptures of Patrick Nickell in his upcoming show. This will be Les Biller’s first exhibition with Rosamund Felsen Gallery. He will be debuting a body of paintings including still lifes, figures, interiors and landscape.

See image: Patrick Nickell

Here is some info on both artists direct from the gallery:
In “Fly Your Flag,” Patrick Nickell presents his latest exhibition of burlap, wire and plaster sculptures for his latest exhibition with Rosamund Felsen Gallery. Utilizing varying textures and materials, the sculptures engage in notions of the abstract, the figurative, and more specifically, the borders between the two.

Dimensionality and materiality are experimented with as some forms appear heavy, weighty and grounded while others appear agile and in flux. Color and their emotive properties are endowed or withheld with intent as the sculptures also explore a range of emotional states between confidence and vulnerability, while suggestions of narrative elements lend themselves to interpretation.

Playful, imaginative, emotive and contemplative, “Fly Your Flag” explores the boundaries between abstraction and figuration, as well as the more personal territories of apprehension, hesitation, strength and resolve; and the interactions which occur when the familiar and the certain confront the unknown and the unexplored.

Les Biller presents a body of paintings including still lifes, figures, interiors and landscape. In these paintings, lines weave through charming compositions as beautiful objects are celebrated with equally beautiful measure.

See image: Les Biller

CPOW-Nov22-RosamundFelsen-LesBillerhoruses of intense, eccentric and vibrant colors sing praises of glistening vases, sensually patterned textiles, and cars resting before the mountainside. Accompanying the paintings of emotive scenes and sensual objects is a series of figure paintings. One set of these portrays the gestural female form languidly luxuriating in luscious tranquil waters, while another displays audacious nudes wrestling with roaring & tumultuous waves.

With all the works painted exclusively in natural light, the overflow of dazzling colors runs the full gamut of the spectrum. Space and depth are implied, lending to more personal and intimate charm while nodding to influences such as Matisse, Monet, Chardin, Picasso and Courbet. Charismatically, the sensational brushstrokes, color saturation, and rational compositions speak of more than the pictorial scenes they make up. Utilizing still lifes, interiors, figures, and landscapes, Biller’s paintings are celebrations of sensations and experience that meditate on the ever changing relationship between color and light and the playful, at times tenuous, and above all romantic interplay between the two.

November 22nd – January 3rd, 2015

What: Opening reception
Where: Rosamund Felsen Gallery, (B-4) 2525 Michigan Ave., SM, 90404
When: 5:00-7:00pm
Phone: 310 828 8488