Our Pick of the Week, takes place downtown at MAMA Gallery. Here is some info – directly from the gallery.

Get ready to transcend into the shape of a golden citizPOW-MAMAGallery-LIsaSolberg-Lees-Shangri-Laen in Mister Lee’s Shangri-La at MAMA Gallery. Allow your self-consciousness to rust away, your morals to melt, and merge with the immaterial in a one-time-only no-place.

Mister Lee’s Shangri-La offers a new sort of Utopia for the contemporary human. Are your edges too defined? Are you seeking metaphysical truth? Wondering how to reach your potential for greatness? With Mister Lee’s there is endless possibility in the nothingness you feel. Enter through the erogenous to subvert the oppressive restraints of the ego through the celebration of inner power, nothingness, and raw expression.

Nature, neon, nickel!
Pink and gold!
Exotic dancers and exotic plants!
What is forbidden is priceless, what is most precious is aged and decayed, and the currency for truth is $$$.

Mister Lee’s believes the principle pleasure lies in the imperfections, because therein lies possibility. Nature is a brutal beast: immoral, evanescent, and undeniably exotic. But you wouldn’t deny nature’s strength and beauty, now would you? Mister Lee’s is a feast for the senses that turns all systems, of nature or of human, inside out. When roles are reversed in this way—tops as bottoms and bottoms as tops—one is free of ego. Hierarchies can crack and power dulls, dims, and oxidizes.
Scent POW-MAMAGallery-LisaSolbergis a fleeting sense, ungraspable like ether, yet powerful enough to transform into eternal memory. When polished, gold reflects an illusion of perfection back on to the person on the other side of the lustrous surface. Like reflected gold and scents, the remnants in Mister Lee’s are off limit illusions of greatness. Smell, taste, hear, and look at all Mister Lee’s has to offer, but keep your hands to yourselves and simply allow the mystery to penetrate your body.
In other visions of paradise, the path between morality and spiritually are split. Here they are conjoined. Fear not if your reputation is tarnished, after all, in Mister Lee’s world even precious gold rusts. Those chipped teeth and cracked lips make you all the more mystifying. You may have been burned by the sun but, remember, the sun is also gold. Mister Lee’s Shangri-La will strip you bare, exposing your truth in a sweet smelling earthly paradise. And remember, the only thing we can control are ourselves.
Punch created by Brian Felley and Mo Hodges of Benjamin Cooper, San Francisco.

Special thank you goes out to Illegal Mezcal, Singani 63, Rutte Distillery and JUICE.

What: Opening reception
Where: MAMA Gallery, 1242 Palmetto St., LA 90013
When: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Website: http://www.mama.gallery/