Our Pick of the week is a huge group show titled “MASque Attack” which takes place on Halloween at Temporary Space in Hollywood….152 artists. 152 pieces of art. Lots of flashlights. No sales….(say what?). Sounds like an interesting evening.

The ninth versionPOW-Masque-KioGriffith of MAS Attack, the Mutual Appreciation Society of artists, has taken a dark turn for Halloween 2015. Be sure to come in costume.

See image: by Kio Griffith

This is the ninth MAS Attack that Artra Curatorial has hosted. The exhibition is curated by Max Presnell (co-founder of Artra Curatorial), Kio Griffith and Colton Stenke.

Previous MAS Attacks have been held in San Diego, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, San Francisco, Torrance and Los Angeles. The MAS Attack model is a social media phenomenon, in which Artra Curatorial chooses the artists from nominations on Facebook. The exhibitors include professional artists represented by top galleries as well as emerging artists.

Founder Max Presnell said he was looking forward to the event and said it will be “A ghoulish gathering of fiendishly fun artists.”

IPOW-TemporarySpace-JuriKoll had a chance to speak with one of the artists who will be participating in the event. Venice artist Juri Koll and founder of Venice Institute of Contemporary Art (VICA) explained that his piece was was inspired by the original Kood series, (an Estonian word for code). “It’s part of an ongoing study of what makes language – gesture or foresight? The use of hardwood as a surface was inspired by my brother’s work as a luthier (stringed instrument maker), and I am using left over wood from a studio in Venice from which the artists – several of whom we have exhibited through ViCA – have been evicted over the last several weeks.”

See image: Taevas I-IV, 2015, Oil pastel, powder, pigment on maple

Koll has been collaborating efforts with other concerned artists to attempt to deter the affects of the gentrification of Venice California which is having a negative impact on the arts community.

Koll continued, “I was inspired to make this piece  because the angles of the wood I discovered in an art studio my friend lived and worked in for decades reminded me of the angles I have been using in my work for a couple of years, so I said…why not change what I paint on?” http://veniceica.org/

See image below: Valerie Wilcox “Holding On”, mixed media, 56 x 25 x 2.25″, 2015

POW-Masque-ValerieWilcox-Artists: Lillian Abel, Francisco Alvarado, Douglas Alvarez, Tania Jazz Alvarez, Ismael de Anda III, Michael Ano, Jon Apgar, AS Ashley, Nurit Avesar, Nadege Monchera Baer‪, Zeina Baltagi, Miguel Angel Bejarano, Rouzanna Berberian, Terri Berman, Brandon Barr, Kelly Berg, Christy Roberts Berkowitz‪, Andrea Bersaglieri, April Bey, Arezoo Bharthania, Debra Bianculli, Airom Bleicher, Jodi Bonassi, Rochelle Botello, Gary Brewer, Gavin Bunner‪, Cole Case, YaYa Chou, Helen Chung, Sydney Croskery, Judy Csotsits‪, Baha H. Danesh, Bibi Davidson, Cherie Benner Davis‪, Chelsea Dean, Michael Dee, Craig Deines, Ann Diener, Leah C. Dixon, Yaron Dotan, Dani Dodge, Tom Dunn, Martin Durazo, Mark Dutcher, Jenni Kawasaki Ethier, Michele Foyer, Steven Fujimoto, Pat Gainor, Megan Geckler, Michael Giancristiano, Richard Gilles, James Goodwin, Tm Gratkowski, Scott Grieger‪, Kio Griffith, Josh Hagler‪, Shelley Heffler, Andrea Hidalgo, Marjan Hormozi, Zachry Horn, Steve Hurd, Khalid Hussein, Ichiro Irie, Claire Jackel, Ben Jackel, Stacey Jaye, Brian Thomas Jones, Flora Kao, Phil Kim, Tom Knechtel, Juri Koll‪, Manny Krakowski, Tom Krumpak‪, Elana Kundell, Gil Kuno, Marion Lane‪, Michelle Jane Lee, Daniel Leighton, Curt Lemieux, Erika Lizee, Jay Lizo, Susan Lizotte‪, David Lloyd, Alanna Marcelletti, Aline Mare, Barry Markowitz, Michael Maas, Luigia Martelloni, Chris McBurney, Michael McCall, Champ McKiver, Ted Meyer, Easton Miller, Robert Miller, Shiri Mordechay, Lena Moross, Hagop Najarian‪, Hung Viet Nguyen, Sean Noyce, Julie Orr, Dominique Ovale, Jim Ovelman, Laurel Paley, Bob Pece‪, Max Presneill, Seth Pringle, Dominic Quagliozzi, Gay Summer Sadow Rick, Monica Roache, Paul RogOct31-POW-MasqueAttack-shelley-hefflerJagged-Waterers, Kimberly Rowe, Catherine Ruane, Nano Rubio, Elisa Salcedo, Yoshie Sakai‪, Phil Santos, Justin Schaefre. Annie Seaton, Greg Schenk, Sonja Schenk, Steve Schmidt, Lidia Shaddow, Kristine Shomaker, Kanokohata Shoshi, Kate Sikorski, Diane Silver‪, Emily Silver, Todd A Smith, David Spanbock‪, Jesse Standlea, Gina E. Stepaniuk‪, Mike Street, Anna Stump, Sharon Suhovy‪, Eric Minh Swenson, Jane Szabo, Holly Tempo‪, Juan Thorp, Toshee Art, Devon Tsuno, Erns Valdez, Marjan Vayghan, Mike Vegas, Albert Vitela, Matt Warren, Valerie Wilcox, Lena Wolek, Joe Wolek, Eve Wood‪, Alison Woods, Miki Yokoyama, and Essi Zimm.

See image (above) by Shelley Heffler,

What: Art Party
Where: Temporary Space, 5522 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036
When: 6 to 10 p.m. Oct. 31, 2015
Website: http://temporaryspacela.com/  http://www.artrala.org/