During the Covid pandemic,  I had the chance to interview Peter Fetterman, gallerist and owner of the Peter Fetterman Gallery at Bergamot Station. CLICK HERE to read my interview with Peter Fetterman on our sister site – EatTravelGo.com (See the Stories Section – under the Arts Page – visit the Art Talk drop-down.

Clearing Winter Storm, Yosemite National Park, CA, 1944 (PRINTED 1970’S) Gelatin Silver Print; 15.25″x19.5″, Mount 22″x28″, Matted – 24″x30″ © Ansel Adams. Courtesy of the Ansel Adams Publishing Trust

On display for the first time in nearly 40 years in a Los Angeles based gallery, Peter Fetterman Gallery is proud to present a selection of rare master gelatin silver prints by Ansel Adams. The works in conversation are evidence of the artist’s meaning and message, with each photograph upholding a sensitivity to the beauty and ecological challenges of our natural world. The relationship between abstraction and realism, the presence of light and its absence, brings forth a collective of perspectives that question the depths of life’s most profound enigmas.

Adams’s gelatin silver prints on display yield the most spectacular tonal ranges available in photography today. The exhibition represents a rare culmination, where masterful visual vocabulary meets unparalleled darkroom printmaking. The essence of the iconic F. 64 group is deeply rooted Ansel’s practice. For every final print, there were numerous failed attempts, alluding to the required dedication to bring forth the most compelling evidences of creativity within the photographic works.

The selected photographs are conjoined by their respect and curiosity for the power of the environment. Now more than ever, the luminous prints on display inspire us to treasure the beauty that life exudes. The underlying intention of Ansel Adams was to honor the passing of time in our natural world and inspire the next generation to preserve such beauty.

The Peter Fetterman website also features an online exhibition by the talented photographer Fred Lyon.

Fred Lyon (b. 1927) Foggy Night, Land’s End, San Francisco, CA-1953 © FredLyon

Lyon has been called “San Francisco’s Brassaï,” and has also been compared to Cartier-Bresson, Atget, and André Kertész, but with a San Francisco twist.

An exclusive Fred Lyon interview can be enjoyed on Spotify & Apple Podcasts. For more information, please click here.

On view thru August 21, 2020; Call or email  info@peterfetterman.com for more info;

Where: Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave., Gallery A1, Santa Monica, 90404
Phone: 310-453-6463;
Email: info@peterfetterman.com
Website: https://www.peterfetterman.com/