The August25-Sona-Januaryseries2Hyatt Regency Hotel & Equinox Century City are proud to exhibit Los Angeles based artist, Sona Mirzaei’s art collection In Search of Splendor in the spa lounge for the community to enjoy.

This Midsummer night exhibition will be a solo feature of the exuberant colorful abstract works that has enhanced our lives and environment already and we look forward to sharing this with special guests and to the public.

See image: January #2 – 72×60- acrylic, mixed media on canvas. 2015

January series is an ongoing art collection that represents the coolness associated with winter and the colors, depth of blue and coolness of white represents snow cascading down from mountain into water that comes forth. The silver conveys strength and kindness.

Diverse themes, subject matter, and media are explored in this collection. Tons of layers, depth and dimensions created to draw to the viewer in each piece. The art is visually striking, rich in context and makes a profound statement of the magic and power of art and the transformation it makes in any space overall. Celebrate the art of Sona Mirzaei on a splendiferous late summer evening in Century City, on Tuesday, August 25th 2015 from 5 -7 pm.

Aug24-SONA-Tigris-RD-4Sona Mirzaei said “I am excited about working with them and exhibiting my work in such a unique and cool space and look forward to this summer show!”

See image: Tigris – 60×40 – River Dance series # 4 -2015 – acrylic, 24k gold leaf, mixed media on canvas.

This river makes you feel as though you were in this ancient part of the world. Babylon Hanging Gardens looming near the Tigris River and the pink, orange and teal invite you to have an exotic experience explored in the piece that gives an Mesopotamian aurora. The work definitely represents the theme of the exhibition of Midsummer Night and it should be a great opportunity to experience great artwork and meet this local amazing artist that has brighten up Century City!

On view: Through September 30

10220 Constellation Blvd., Century City, CA