On October 3, 2020, the Hive Gallery and Studios premiered new exhibitions…“Whimsical Fury,” Rising Stars of LA 2, and Fresh Honey group show! If you missed the opening to this long-awaited show. Schedule your appointment to attend today at visitthehive@gmail.com

Featured artists: Chandler Ford;Featured  small Wall: Yanis Zambeis

“Whimsical Fury 2”- A Group Show Curated by Chris Waterman; “Rising Stars of LA 2”: (10 small featured shows by emerging LA Artists), Brian Ochoa, Sunny Jin, Quiralta, Adam McCarthy, Ernie Steiner, Yaicecream, Tania Bustamante, Aaron Kirchmaier,, Ruben Chavez, Viktor Robinson,

“FRESH HONEY Non-themed GROUP SHOW” – Lauren Kruckenberg, Nina Spiezio, Emma Kolb, Jamie Wells, Lourans Mikhail, Jason Gruesome, Amanda Kaufman, Brandon Jenkins, Cruz, Phillip Joyce, Stephanie Lemus, Tristan Irving, Jen Halaka, Carlos Fierro, Caitlin Goss, Stephen Mcneely, Abby Bellel Rachel Saftler, Sarah E. Kushner, Jessen Murillo, Dominic Harris, Matthew McMullen, Jenna Sparks, Stephen Wolf, The Greedy Bastards, George Valdez, Lisa Cabrera, Rozine the Artist, Meta Mila, David Woodland, etc.

To schedule your visit, visitthehive@gmail.com. The gallery team is excited to finally have the time to show you its newest, best work of Los Angeles’ Bustling Art BEEZ!!! In the meantime check out work on our website at: www.hivegallery.com and again, to schedule your visit, please email: visitthehive@gmail.com

For more info, visit the website – https://hivegallery.com/