Also at Bergamot…Craig Krull Gallery hosts an art talk in conjunction with its current exhibition.

A native Angeleno, Gronk’s practic.e grew from street art experience amongst other self-taught Chicano artists. In 1972, he was a founding member of the artist collective Asco, alongside Harry Gamboa Jr., Willie Herrón, and Patssi Valdez.

Woods Davy is highly recognized for his long-standing sculpture practice of creating works of precarious balance and serenity first with steel and stone, then solely working with stone in unaltered states.

Masks & social distancing required – limited capacity; Contact the gallery;

What: Art Talk Gronk Woods Davy
Where: Craig Krull Gallery, Bergamot, 2525 Michigan Ave., B3, Santa Monica, CA 90404
When: December 11, 2021, 11:30am