On Saturday, March 9th, The Navarro Residence presents an exclusive exhibition, “GUITARS, ROLLER SKATES AND PUGNACIOUS CRITTERS” the illustrative works of L.A. artist (actor, author and father), Brady Smith. 

SMARCH9-ThemeParkFreakShowBrady Smithee image: Brady Smith ‘Theme Park Freak Show’, 2011 Mixed media on canvas

Born and raised in Texas, Brady creates art that is a clever hybrid mix of space-age, tex-mex and tiki influenced characters, painted in a color palette reminiscent of the 1950’s and 60’s. Brady is also the author of the very popular illustrated travel journal known as “The Brady Chronicles.”

Having exhibited dozens of times in Los Angeles and Texas, his work has also been perceived as anything from folk to abstract. Because he was raised in such close proximity to the Mexican border, the influences from his youth are evident in the playful scenarios and vibrancy created by a lively, detail oriented imagination. His most recent gallery solo exhibition entitled: “Wrestlers, Bunnies, Skeletons and Such” was held in August, 2012 at One Art Space, in TriBeca, NYC.

“Most of the time I like to paint with lots of color and detail. I want folks to see something different each time they look at my art. I also enjoy painting critters and folks that I find light hearted and amusing. My goal is to leave the dark, sad stuff out of my work. There’s enough out there in everyday life anyway.” Brady Smith

MARCH9-teasershotSunburnedDolphinThis will be Brady’s first solo exhibition at The Navarro Residence, located in Highland Park, CA. Curator/collector, Navarro, owns several original works by Smith, and finds the quirkiness and whimsical imagery his art offers a great addition to her large personal collection, and felt others who don’t yet know about Brady Smith will feel the same, and will want to add his art to their personal or gallery collections.

See image: Brady Smith Detail selection ‘Sunburned Dolphin’

The purpose of The Navarro Residence is to offer a non-traditional exhibition space, under the stars that promotes an atmosphere of experimentation via a personally curated art collection; along with an interactive opportunity for guests to experience what it is like “living with art.”  For more information on The Navarro Residence, please visit: www.thenavarroresidence.com. RSVP HERE to Find out Address.