“Spectrum Gestalt 5” opened at bG Gallery in Santa Monica. Presented by Gestalt Projects, the multi artist color spectrum installation features over 100 artists. Part curatorial, part installation Spectrum-Gestalt brings together artists’ works from a wide variety of genres and mediums, grouping them into an expansive spectrum of color. The first spectrum was one of our most popular exhibits and has since become an annual open call, allowing the gallery to discover new talent as well as exhibit alumni of the show. Spectrum-Gestalt is part of an ongoing series of installation/curatoriales exploring gestalt principles by Australian artist/curator, Airom.

Artist Frederika Roeder is one of the talented artists that will be participating in the group show. She will be exhibiting 2 works. Here is a statement from the artist about her work. “This series is an exploration of my experience under water. There was a time in my life when I was more comfortable in the water than on land. I have scuba dived and snorkeled throughout Southern California – at Moss Cove at Laguna Beach and Anacapa Island off of Santa Barbara and up and down the waters of our choppy California coastline. But my most beautiful experiences have been snorkeling in Hawaii and Tahiti where you move silently among the fish and the bubbles – caught between the water and the sky. These two pieces reference that experience. Blue and silver are everywhere. It is very silent and peaceful. Formalistically, I was moving towards complete abstraction in this work. It represents a period of transition from being a colorist to a more minimal palette focusing on structure and form. Thus, figurative abstract to abstract.” http://www.frederikabroeder.com/

Additional work will feature artists Michael Baroff, Irina Chelyapov, Eva Montealegre, and Lark Pilinsky.

Save the date… Sunday July 8, 2018, a second art party takes place from 2-4pm. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am-6pm

What: Spectrum Gestalt 5 
Where: Gestalt Project Space, located within bG Galllery, 3009 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica CA
Phone: +1 (310) 906 4211
Website: https://santamonica.bgartdealings.com/