lowres JTAG front 1We’ve got some news for you concerning the Joshua Tree Gallery…Three artists have been accepted for the 2012 Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency.

They are Laura Frantz, a painter from New York City, Rachel Ostrow (see image right), a painter from Brooklyn NY, and Ger Ger (see image below, left), a media artist from Berlin/Los Angeles

The artists, arriving July 8th, have proposed specific projects that they’ll be working on. The public will be invited to a group show of their work August 17-19 at JTAG gallery, 61607 29 Palms Hwy. Joshua tree, Ca. 92252.

Opening reception Saturday, August 18 at 6pm.

Six years ago Frederick Fulmer and Jim Berg sponsored the first annual JTHAR program. They have since been joined by co-sponsors Sarah Kennington, Steve Bardwell, Ruth and Steve Rieman and Tobi Toboada.

The JTHAR program is growing a group of ambassadors for the desert that carry the message about this special place to people around the world. Artists participating in past years came from all over the US plus Argentina, Brazil, England and Austria

For more information about the JTHAR program, contact Frederick Fulmer—760-366-3636.

 If you are looking for places to stay while visiting JTAG, see LAArtParty’s sister website EatTravelGo.com