Hamilton Galleries isHamiltonGalleries-LOGO pleased to present un dia de playaa solo exhibition by contemporary Spanish artist Eva Armisén. Through her art, Armisén has the capacity to transform each day into a unique occasion, she laces humor, charm, a lack of inhibitions and candor. She brings something that goes almost beyond definition: an affirmation of life that vetoes any form of aggression.

Eva Armisén plays with a range of different elements. From the iconographic perspective, she appears to be in search of her lost inner child. The young dreamer that encapsulates the world through simple sketches, the little girl that knows no limits, the girl-woman that dares to fly through the air, with a moon-dress or an umbrella to ward off the tempest. This girl-woman has been gathering her strength, and growing in contention and ripeness. She knows what she wants. She knows how to talk to objects in their simplest form. Eva knows the skills of her trade: an upward or downward curve says it all: can speak of exaltation or reveal the drama. Bright eyes twinkle in a wisely administered stroke.

We won’t find Eva Armisén’s entire career here. Her capacity to research, to accept challenges, her trips around the world with her canvases and drawings, the creation of this singular family we know as the Armiséns, with their animals and all. As she herself once admitted: her head is filled with birds and this permits her to unleash incessant combat against the shadows and teach us that life – in all its vulnerability and search for a thread – can be beautiful, loving and joyful. If we seek it, we can all have a special day at any moment of our choosing.

SeJuly24-HamiltonGalleries- e image: Eva Armisén

Armisén has exhibited her work in galleries and art fairs in Europe, America and Asia. Her artworks have been used in publicity campaigns by Coca-Cola, Skinfood, TMT, and O’2nd. Her art has been a part of TV series and Hollywood

On View: July 24 – August 8, 2015

What: Opening reception
Where: Hamilton Galleries, 1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: (310) 451-9983
Website: http://www.hamiltongalleries.com/