Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles (Levitt LA) presents Barrio Fino is a five-episode docu-series that celebrates live music, food, and visual art. Barrio Fino premieres on Levitt LA’s Youtube channel beginning August 30, 2021. 

Developed during the pandemic as a collective love letter to the near-and-dear communities surrounding MacArthur Park, each 60-minute episode dives into the music and cultural diversity of Westlake, Koreatown, Historic Filipinotown, the North American Indigenous populations of Los Angeles, and the legacy of Youth & Hip-Hop in the park. 

Live-streamed from the rooftop of Walter J. Towers at sunset, Barrio Fino features popular live musical performances and creative video segments highlighting the food, fashion, art, and history of these communities with dynamic interviews by community leaders, culture bearers, and artists. Levitt LA co-curated an episode each with longstanding collaborators United American Indian Involvement Inc., Asian American eXchange Media,FilAm Arts, Carmelo Alvarez, and Sunset Ecléctico. Full episode details, artists and musical act line up announcements to follow!

Barrio Fino Premiers Monday, Aug 30 at 7pm; Visit the website for more info, and to RSVP, or visit Levitt LA’s YouTube channel.

MONDAY, AUGUST 30, 2021; Episode 1 : Natives in the Now – Presented with United American Indian Involvement

TUESDAY, AUGUST 31, 2021; Episode 2: Gusto a Guatemala – Presented with Sunset Eclectico

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2021: Episode 3: Koreatown 3.0 – Presented with AAX Media

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2021: Episode 4: The Sixth Element of Hip-Hop – Presented with Carmelo Alvarez

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2021: Episode 5: A Love Letter to Hi-Fi – Presented with FilAmArts

For more info, visit https://levittlosangeles.org/levitt-los-angeles-2021-season/