Dianne Neuman is an internationally acclaimed artist, she lived in Venice a while back and owned and curated a gallery in Venice. She helped so many artists and offered them a place to show. Dianne was incredibly inspired by Sponto, a local Venice Hero, who left this world years ago. By the time Dianne became a part of the Venice community, Sponto had already passed away. There was a gaping hole left from our loss of Sponto and the artistic haven he provided for many local Venice artists and performers.

Dianne told me, that she was really inspired by the stories she had heard about Sponto. She also revealed to me that when she was painting Venice Lights, it was as if Sponto was leading her while she painted this work of art. 

You can own your own work of art by Dianne Neuman – Feel free to contact me, Kathy Leonardo to discuss – email LAArtParty@gmail.com