LeLeeLucas_Looksye Lucas and her band…NeonWest perform Thursday, February 2nd at the Cinema Bar. Here’s another chance to check out her bracelet line “The Looksy.”

The idea for her bracelet line, came out of necessity. One night, at one of her gigs, as she was rushing to get up on stage, she realized she hadn’t checked her lipstick. Looking around, she realized there was no mirror to be found and no time to go find one. It was then that it hit her. Wouldn’t it be great to have a mirror that you wear, a trendy bracelet that also doubled as a touch-up mirror? The Looksy was born. The Looksy is a leather bracelet/wristband with a mirror on it, perfect for a quick makeup check with a flip of the wrist. It currently comes in two styles, “Rockstar” and “Popstar” and four colors, black, white, dark brown and purple.

Lee talks about how it all began with the early days of the Looksy. “I started with ribbon, glue and mirrors from craft stores. I have kept a lot my prototypes; it’s hilarious and inspiring when I look back on what they were when I first started creating The Looksy. They’ve really progressed, and now I am truly proud of The Looksy line.”

You can catch Lee Lucas, performing with her band NeonWest at the Cinema Thursday, February 2nd at 9:00 pm. The Cinema Bar is located at 3967 Sepulveda Boulevard – Culver City, CA 90230  (310) 390-1328

Meanwhile, her bracelet line, The Looksy is featured at Bohemian Exchange Boutique (1358 Abbot Kinney), and Rosenthal Estates Winery in Malibu, and others. Celebrities can be seen wearing the Looksy, such as singer Vicci Martinez (from NBC’s hit show, the Voice) and actress/model, Sarah Hester. It will also be on display at Lee’s gig Thursday, February 2nd at the Cinema Bar. www.thelooksy.com