Yiwei Gallery celebrated Clovis Schlumberger in a solo exhibition titled Our Own Device on  August 19, 2023. In addition to paintings the merchandise of Clovis Schlumberger is also available for sale. The show runs through September 17, 2023.

Yiwei Gallery Clovis Schlumberger

Artwork by Clovis Schlumberger; courtesy of the gallery & artist

Yiwei Gallery Clovis Schlumberger

This exhibition delves into the interplay between escapism, addiction, and alluring artificial worlds. It invites viewers to reflect on the impact the virtual has on our lives and psyche. In addition, Schlumberger’s bright, mostly yellow visuals could be seen as modern versions of cave paintings. His repertoire of familiar icon-like characters everybody can “read” communicate in a fun, dynamic and direct mode, through their coded body language in simplified backgrounds. The genderless and ethnically neutral approach to the figures also allows for a universal and inclusive representation. These characters seem entrapped by the device they use to escape. Schlumberger’s  visual narratives explore this modern paradox.

The artistic style draws heavily from pop art’s vibrant and dynamic aesthetic. The use of colorful metallic paints infuses the artworks with a sense of energy as well as hardware, reflecting the nature of the digital world. This body of works depicts individuals finding solace and satisfaction by channeling their emotions through digital constructs, it gently encourages us to reflect on the role of these tools in our lives.

About Clovis Schlumberger

Clovis Schlumberger is a multi media, Franco-American artist. His work includes drawings, paintings, animations, performances and installations. He holds a master from renowned school Ecole des Beaux Arts from Paris, France and is based in Los Angeles and Paris.

On view: August 19, 2023 – September 17, 2023

What: Our Own Device, Clovis Schlumberger
Where: Yiwei Gallery, 1350 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice 90291
When: Running through September 17, 2023
Website: https://yiweigallery.com/

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