Theatre West presents WestFest 2023 on August 4 – 13, 2023. The schedule offers two full weeks for the loyal audiences to enjoy.

Theatre West WESTFEST 2023

The theater hopes to attract both returnees, and new audiences. WestFest producers include Donald Moore, Cecil Jennings, and Amelia Vargas. Performances kick off Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, and on Sundays at 2pm as well. Each week’s program runs two hours, plus intermission.

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Theatre West WESTFEST 2023 First Week – August 4, 5, 6

Princess Party: In the wild world of children’s parties, there’s only room for one Cinderella. Written by Ashley Taylor; Directed by Deanna Gandy; With Ashley Taylor, Elise Walters;

T3 Trojan: The future is yours – be careful with it. Written by Judith Duncan; Directed by Charlie Mount; With Sardia Robinson, Mary Somers;

Albuquerque: You’d be surprised at what you can find in The Land of Enchantment. Written and directed by Clara Rodriguez With Saratoga Ballantine, and Clara Rodriguez;

Matriarch: Three sisters walk into a hospital…; Written by Mimi Kmet; Directed by Bill Sehres; With Jeanine Anderson, Kathie Barnes, and Wendy Jung

Open Call: Children of an idle brain begot of nothing but vain fantasy; Written and directed by Donald Moore; With Maria Kress, Christopher Landis, Cecil Jennings;

The Power of Nothing (A musical Comedy): I had to come here to get there. Written and performed by Freddie Weber;

Theatre West WESTFEST 2023 Second Week – August 11, 12, 13

Modern Love: Should you swipe right or left?; Written and directed by Thomas Mendola; With Scottie Nevil, and Christopher Landis;

Anticipation: Things that go limp in the night; Written and directed by Elayne Heilveil; With Saratoga Ballantine, and Phillip Sokoloff;

Sons of God: Written by Michael Van Duzer; Directed by Rick Simone-Friedland; With David Mingrino, and Michael Van Duzer;

Issues: Standing up for yourself is important, but sometimes it’s more relaxing to sit; Written and directed by Clara Rodriguez; With Scottie Nevil, Seemah Wilder Idelson, Steve Nevil, and Riley Smith;

The Friction: Whether in the boardroom, barroom, or bedroom, there will be…; Written by Chris DiGiovanni; Directed by Donald Moore; With Cecil Jennings, Rick Simone-Friedland, and Alexandria Sanders;

Snapshots: Jonathan and Emily, Chapter One; The first chapter of a relationship in six awkward scenes; Written by Tom Walla; Directed by Michael Van Duzer; With Ari Wojciech and Raquel Brooks

About Theatre West

Theater West is the city’s longest-running, continuously operating professional company. In addition, it has consistently presented richly varied work. Founded sixty-one years ago, its initial purposes included serving as a writing laboratory. Its mission is to create a place where writing, acting, and directing could be developed and perfected. This also included the development of new and exciting works. Non-commercial productions are encouraged. The focus was utilizing enhanced performances along with minimalist production design. The WestFest has become among Theatre West’s most enduringly popular attractions.

More Info

Running through August 4 – August 13, 2023; Admission is free, however donations are gratefully accepted (and encouraged).The theater is near Universal City, North Hollywood and Studio City (parking is located across the street and there is a fee).

What: WestFest 2023
Where: Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Blvd. West, LA, 90068
When: Aug 4 – 13, 2023; Fri. & Sat. at 8:00pm; Sun. at 2:00pm
Phone: (323) 851-7977

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