de boer presents two exhibitions From Joy to Joy to Joy, by Teresa Baker, as well as Talebearer by Dominic Musa. The gallery held an opening art party on August 26, 2023. However both exhibition will run through October 14, 2023.

This solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based Teresa Baker is her second with the gallery. Baker presents works made using artificial turf as a ground for works that reference abstract expressionist, cubist, and post-minimalist movements in tune with the territories and art made by the Indigenous peoples who inspire her practice.

Teresa Baker Joy to Joy to Joy

Through a mixed media practice combining artificial and natural materials together, Baker creates abstracted landscapes that explore vast space, and how we move, see and explore within them. The materials, texture, shapes, and color relationships are guided by Baker’s Mandan/Hidatsa culture. In her practice, Baker imbues innate objects with culture and identity.

Teresa Baker

Art work by Teresa Baker

Dominic Musa Talebearer

Also opening is Talebearer, a solo exhibition by Dominic Musa. This is the New Jersey based painter’s  first solo exhibition with the gallery. Musa’s paintings are layered in color, exacting yet loose, producing a contemplative revelation of contrasting liminal spaces. Windows and reflections question the meaning of inside versus outside that echo and contemplate a more sinister underbelly. Additionally, Moments of idyllic calm offer a reprieve with scenes of skaters dancing on frozen ponds that reflect the barren trees above. However, a persisting duality remains ever clear in each of Musa’s color drenched canvases as they navigate the past and present in tandem with the collective psyche.

A talebearer and a storyteller have equal amounts of liberty and reliability. Musa takes advantage of this position and stretches to effortlessly tow a line between surrealism and fauvism. Hence, Dreams meet real world observation and source material producing a combination of invention and memory.

On view: August 26, 2023 – October 14, 2023

What: New Exhibitions
Where: de boer, 3311 E. Pico Blvd., LA, 90023
When: Running through October 14, 2023

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