BEYOND THE STREETS and CONTROL Gallery present an exhibition by Mister CARTOON titled Just My Imagination. This is the Los Angeles solo debut of the acclaimed artist and LA native Mister Cartoon with Beyond the Streets. An opening art party will be held on Saturday, June 10, 2023 from 3-8pm. The exhibition will run through July 15, 2023.

Beyond the Streets Mister CARTOON

The Art of Mister CARTOON

About  Just My Imagination 

Mister CARTOON’s Just My Imaginationhighlights the largest body of work for a single show. The exhibition focuses on airbrushing and drawings on a variety of surfaces. Along with its various media, it runs the gamut from a metal canvas handcrafted out of aluminum to perfection, to the use of candy enamel automotive paint.

Beyond the Streets Mister CARTOON

Mister CARTOON has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world, including stops in Tokyo, Paris, and London. This special occasion marks an unprecedented milestone for the artist, as this is his first solo opening in Los Angeles.

Just My Imagination immerses the viewer into a fantasy world. Mister CARTOON’s ingenuity as an artist is inspired by of his working-class upbringing. Therefore all of the emotions and experiences associated with growing up in Los Angeles through the ‘80s, ‘90s, and 2000s are incorporated. His love for car culture, graffiti and past eras of music where songs would give you goosebumps is a nostalgic feeling he hopes will be felt throughout the show.

About Mister CARTOON’s Art

The evolution of Mister CARTOON’s work will be on display through an experience that will take over both BEYOND THE STREETS Flagship and CONTROL Gallery spaces. Thus celebrating a career that started from airbrushing t-shirts at car shows, to graffiti, sign painting, and becoming a globally exhibited museum artist and tattoo artist to the stars –an artistic medium that will be a focal point in the show with a live tattoo station.

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On View: June 10 2023 – July 15, 2023 • Wed-Sat 11am-6pm; 

What: Just My Imagination, Mister CARTOON
Where: CONTROL Gallery, 434 N La Brea Ave, LA 90036
When: Saturday, June 10, 2023, 3:00pm – 8:00pm