.Mash Gallery debuted Undulation Theory, a group show on August 12, 2023. However the exhibition runs through September 16, 2023. This exhibition showcases the exceptional talent and boundless creativity of a group of visionary artists. The interplay of colors and brushstrokes and it’s mastery is the focus of our newest exhibition Undulation Theory.

Mash Gallery Undulation Theory

Central to their artistic prowess is a profound understanding of color theory, coupled with an intimate knowledge of the unique properties of opaque and transparent paints. The artists skillful use of color, ranging from vibrant and bold to subtle and subdued, invites the viewer to explore the mesmerizing patterns that evoke movement and energy. The noteworthy utilization of a variety of expressive techniques create a sense of fluidity and movement in some work, and showcase shorter and more textured in others.

All of the artists have a deep understanding of color theory and the different properties of opaque and transparent paints. Therefore the artists create a range of work that brings depth and dimension to each piece and beckons viewers to explore various patterns with a perpetual movement and invigorating vitality.

 Mash Gallery Undulation Theory

Ruby’s Sister, Angel by Christy Hopkins; image courtesy of Mash Gallery

Additionally, through the years of practice and experimentation, each artist has created a unique voice in expressing their stunning and emotionally evocative vision. Artists include: Christy Hopkins, Haleh Mashian, Dual Streets, John Monn, and Jennifer Haley.

About Mash Gallery

Founded in 2018 by expressionist painter Haleh Mashian, MASH Gallery is a contemporary art gallery originally located in the Arts District, Downtown LA. In 2022, the gallery moved to West Hollywood, in the center of the design district. MASH Gallery was founded by Haleh Mashian, a contemporary painter, curator, musician, and fashion designer. MASH Gallery focuses on thematic exhibitions and showcasing many local and international artists both emerging and established. She brings to life a compelling curatorial programming to the gallery that focuses on thematic exhibitions. Mashian believes that creativity should be the focus of the gallery programming. She also believes in Art for the sake of Art while bringing the community together.

On view: August 12, 2023 – September 16, 2023

What: Group Exhibition
Where: Mash Gallery, 812 N La Cienega Blvd LA, 90069
When: Running through September 16, 2023
Website: https://www.mashgallery.com

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